What is an awakening session?

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Hi, my name is Michael Gungor, and I am a husband/dad/musician/podcaster/author who also happens to be a mystic. In 2010, on a silent meditation retreat,  I had a mystical experience where I was one with all that was. Since then, I’ve done a hell of a lot of searching, seeking and studying about what that was (what THIS is). For the first 6 years, my experience of oneness really vacillated.  Then I had another experience in 2016, after which my experience of unity with all things "stuck." (At least up to this point!)  Since 2016, my life has been more full of love, joy, peace, and harmony than I ever could have imagined before then. 

Since I spend a lot of time talking, writing, and singing about spiritual stuff, I began to read and study as much as I could about how to communicate the power of surrender to people. I wrote a book. I started a new podcast called "Loving THIS", but I found that there's something about just words written to a mass group of people that can be a bit limiting. I found that one-on-one was often a lot easier and more effective in transmitting the essence of what I was trying to talk about. 

I know hosting sessions that help people discover their true Self under all of their stories is a weird thing for a musical mystic to do. I know it also sounds woo to a lot of people. It's really not. It's quite plain and simple and, so far, And unfortunately, due to the large number of spiritual charlatans out there  bilking people for cash, I understand that there will likely be many people turned off or even triggered by my offering of these sessions.  "Stick to music!" "Who do you think you are selling enlightenment?" I get it.  White-presenting dude selling spiritual shit online. Rough waters. Not my ego’s preferred course to be honest.

But unfortunately for my ego, I have found these sessions too beautiful and powerful to avoid simply for the aesthetics or the potential optics of it. I also know these sessions are not for everyone. But if you have been seeking spiritual awakening and unable to find it, or if my book, THIS, or the Loving THIS podcast speak to you, but you can't seem to "break through" to the nondual perspective, these sessions are sort of like a bunch of giant hammer blows to the ice of your ego's sense of separateness.

To be clear, I am not selling enlightenment here. What I am offering you with these sessions is my full  presence and love as I lead you through a series of discussions and exercises designed to help you look at who you truly are underneath your stories in a more direct way than any other spiritual tradition I've found. (in my opinion of course!)

I am not doing these as an expert in Buddhism or Hinduism or Christianity, or any other specific tradition, but as a dummy who was lucky to experience a tremendous grace and (un)teaching that I’ve found can be quite effectively passed on to earnest seekers of non dual realization in one-on-one settings.

Most religions and spiritual paths promise some sort of prize (enlightenment, salvation, discovering your true Self...etc) at the end of the road. If you just meditate long enough, work hard enough, pray enough prayers, you will achieve the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These awakening sessions turn that process on its head. Rather than starting at the bottom of the mountain and trying to climb to enlightenment, these sessions drop you off at the top of the mountain, allowing you to clearly see and experience enlightenment not as a goal to be attained for the ego but the true fulness of who you are in every moment. From here, you are free to do as you wish, including the possibility of climbing back down the mountain into the embodiment of this enlightenment, not as an ego trying to achieve anything, but as Awareness itself incarnating into form.  In other words, these sessions will show you who you really are under all of those stories of yours. 

The sessions last 90 minutes and are conducted via video chat. There is nothing special you need to do in order to prepare for it. After booking a time slot, you will simply get an email with a "join this meeting" link to click immediately before the meeting. It works on your phone, tablet or computer. Just have a space that you can be uninterrupted in for an hour and a half and show up with an open mind and heart. 

The sessions cost 250 dollars, but I keep a few slots open for pro-bono sessions for those who truly are seeking but also who sincerely cannot possibly afford to pay. If you're interested in apply8ing for one of those free slots, just email me at michael@awakeningsessions.com 

All the love!




Michael walks you through this oneness session with a unique blend of truth, depth, and insight, along with a good dose of humor and lightheartedness that puts you at ease, even when processing some pretty mind-bending concepts. It felt like we covered more ground in one session than in months of courses, reading, and therapy, and I came away seeing myself in a completely new light.  

- Brad. H

If you want to experience clearer awareness of your true nature first hand, and are tired of words, belief, and heresay, I would say this is your best chance without the use of psychedelics. It was refreshing to be guided into a state of seeing my true nature without simply being handed ideas or told something. These sessions are pure, perfectly simple, yet incredibly powerful. A must for all spiritual seekers.

- Emily C.

Before  the  session   I  was  very  nervous  about  what  it  would  be  and  if  I  knew  too  little  about  non-dual  ideas  to  fully  engage.  Ater  the  first  few  seconds  I  relaized  that  there  was  no  pressure.  I  felt  so  much  peace  and  love  through  the  meditations  and  experience  as  a  whole.  If  you  are  at  all  interested  in  the  divine  and  oneness,  I  highly  recommend taking the time to do this,  If  you  come  open  and  willing ,  your  mind  will  be  opened  and  you  will  be  able  to  see  through  the  stories  we  are  taught  to  cling  so  hard  to.  

-R. J.